Scanwell: At-home UTI Testing

Scanwell provides at home UTI tests and treatment options.

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Bookshop: Support Local Bookstores

When you shop online with Bookshop, you support local bookstores.

Continue Reading → Find Cheap Flights & Discover New Destinations

Kiwi is a platform to book cheap flights, trains, and buses.

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Haystack: Watch News For Free

Haystack lets you watch video news from a variety of sources.

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Google Cloud Showcase: Using AI To Find Extraterrestrial Life

Google Cloud Showcase demonstrates how AI is being used to search for extraterrestrial life.

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Ivy: An Efficient To-Do List App

Ivy has created a stress-free system for getting things done.

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Leaf: The Better Way to Shave

Leaf is a new shaving product with great design.

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