Allset: Preorder & Pick Up From Restaurants

Posted on Monday, April 6th, 2020 by

Allset lets you order ahead and pickup from restaurants, safely.

Pivoting Out Of Necessity

The global COVID-19 pandemic is forcing all businesses to innovate. In the tech sector especially, companies that have received funding for business models that are not sustainable under quarantine measures are being forced to reevaluate their approaches. Allset, one such company, seems as if it would be antithetical to the new quarantine measures. Instead, the company aims to provide a valuable service for both consumers and restaurants that are struggling during this period. The app lets people order ahead at restaurants. Previously, customers could show up and eat their prepaid meal once they arrived, removing the wait time involved in ordering, cooking, paying the bill, etc. Now, Allset focuses exclusively on take-out orders from restaurants that are remaining open.

Takeout Only

Allset has also prioritized connecting individuals with restaurants that are taking the necessary safety precautions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. “No contact” pickup options are prioritized. With a wide variety of options available in New York, L.A., San Francisco, and a host of other major American cities, Allset could prove to be a valuable asset for those who want to continue supporting restaurant businesses without putting themselves or others at risk of contracting the virus. Because the service is focused on pickup only, it also differentiates itself in the crowded marketplace from other apps like Uber Eats or Postmates. If you want to find a safe way to pick up food from a local restaurant, check out the options available on Allset.

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