Haystack: Watch News For Free

Posted on Monday, June 24th, 2019 by

Haystack lets you watch video news from a variety of sources.

Free News!

Cable news is practically ubiquitous these days, especially in the United States, and especially with all the sensationalist headlines dominating the national and global stage. There are, thankfully, numerous new and burgeoning platforms that provide comprehensive coverage of broad to niche news stories. Haystack presents content from all of these platforms on its own site. It also tailors news stories to your specific interests, getting smarter over time as you continue to use the site. Even if you don’t have an account, simply visiting the site and diving into the content can be informative.

Videos Tailored To You!

In addition to news, Haystack also features content covering entertainment, sports, and more. There’s also a late night section if you just want to relax and laugh rather than be overwhelmed by the negativity of the news cycle. Haystack is a strong concept with a big financial backing, so it seems poised to succeed. Of course, they’re entering a crowded space, and may face difficulty standing out from the crowd. For a quick fix of broad news that can also be filtered down to much more specificity, Haystack is a must-visit site. Or if you’d prefer to avoid the news altogether, that’s likely worthwhile, as well.

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