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Posted on Tuesday, October 29th, 2019 by

Kiwi is a platform to book cheap flights, trains, and buses.

Fly Everywhere, For Cheap

With Kayak, Google Flights, and the myriad other options in between, it would be easy to assume that the flight booking market is oversaturated. Every once in a while, however, a standout company emerges from the masses, offering a unique, well-designed product to eager consumers. is that company. The site has a simple, clean, aesthetically-appealing, minimalistic design that utilizes white space. There’s the familiar search bar, as well as clickable boxes that contain previews of relatively cheap travel options originating from your default point of departure. There’s also a Price Alert option so that you don’t have to search for flights on your own, as well as a bunch of other awesome features.

Be Free

Another great aspect of Kiwi’s platform that’s different than the majority of other flight-booking services (aside from Skyscanner) is the ability to search for flights to “Anywhere.” Whereas Skyscanner was previously the only option if you had flexible, open-ended travel plans, now offers an alternative search for free-spirited or impulsive travel to global destinations. There’s also a “Nomad” option, which allows you to create a bucket list of destinations, and travel to them when you can afford it. Overall, if you’re looking for some good deals and a pleasing platform, Kiwi is a must-visit.

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