Ivy: An Efficient To-Do List App

Posted on Monday, June 17th, 2019 by

Ivy has created a stress-free system for getting things done.

The Ivy Lee Method

The major way in which Ivy differentiates itself from other to-do list or productivity apps is that it only asks you to add six things to your list every day. By using this approach, the company claims that you can remove the anxiety of having an endless list of things to do. Each day, Ivy starts you off with an empty list of to-dos. Anything that you didn’t finish the previous day, however, is automatically added. The app also requests permission to send push notifications, which it claims can help you stay on task. Your tasks are always displayed on a day-by-day basis, and you can view a calendar to see what you’ve completed in the past.

Focus On 6 Tasks Per Day

Another useful feature of Ivy is its Backlog, where you can record ideas or future tasks that you want to be completed. These are meant to be different than specific actions that you could complete on a certain day. It’s nice to have a separate place to view these bigger-picture ideas, but the section of the app could definitely be better designed than just a simple blank white page. As with most new productivity apps, Ivy also includes a section where you can review your data. If you go on streaks of completing tasks, Ivy will let you know and keep you motivated. There are tons of different to-do lists out there, but Ivy might be the key to helping you regain control of your busy life.

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