Scanwell: At-home UTI Testing

Posted on Monday, March 23rd, 2020 by

Scanwell provides at home UTI tests and treatment options.

Scanwell is one of the many companies which, in the midst of the ongoing global COVID-19 outbreak, is doing its best to make health care more affordable and accessible to everyone. Along with telemedicine startup Lemonaid, Scanwell is working to develop and distribute an at-home coronavirus testing kit. The test consists of an online intake questionnaire followed by next-day delivery of a testing kit, which syncs with Scanwell’s app, where users can confidentially and securely view their results from home before following up with a Lemonaid doctor, who can provide information as to next steps, whether that means self-quarantine, hospital care, or another option.

In addition to their work on the novel coronavirus, Scanwell also offers a unique medical product: free at-home UTI test kits. The test allows users to get accurate results on their smartphone within minutes, plus same-day treatment from an online doctor. If you test positive, you can pick up a prescription from your local pharmacy. This cuts out the middle-man of needing to visit the doctor, which in times like these, could potentially be lifesaving for yourself and others. It’s easy to see how this method of health care has the potential to evolve, especially given the current circumstances. If you or anyone you know is in need of UTI testing, consider seeing whether Scanwell can help.

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