Greenpeace Myboat: Support Sustainable Fishermen

Myboat is a Greenpeace campaign that aims to get people involved and calls to support sustainable fishermen around the world before the sea will run out of fish.Myboat is a Greenpeace campaign that aims to get people involved and calls to support sustainable fishermen around the world before the sea will run out of fish.

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Watsi: Fund Low-Cost, High-Impact Medical Treatments.

Watsi is the first global crowd-funding platform for medical treatments. It enables you to directly fund low-cost, high-impact medical treatments for people in need.

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TakePart: Inspiring Social Action with a Sprinkling of Hollywood

What do you get when you take the film company behind socially-minded movies like An Inconvenient Truth, Fast Food Nation and The Kite Runner, and mix it with an equally socially-minded website?

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Givmo: Go Green, Give Your Stuff Away

Get rid of stuff you don’t want… get stuff you do

Givmo – Ever tried to sell your unwanted stuff – or buy someone else’s on eBay or Craigslist? Ever given up because it’s too much hassle (or in Craigslist’s case, just a little bit shady!)? Ever wondered if there’s a free marketplace online where you could give away your old things and get second-hand things you want without haggling, bidding or paying hidden fees? Well de-cluttering your home no longer means a choice between Craigslist and a trip down to the landfill… You’ve now got Givmo to send your stuff to people who want it, and it’s free, easy, charitable and eco-friendly!

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Chipping in with Crowdtilt: An Easier Way To Pool Money

Crowdtilt is all about taking the stress out of pooling and collecting money from a group. It’s a platform allowing you to describe an event you’re planning, gift you’re group-buying or sponsored challenge you’re undertaking; set the amount needed to raise and then invite people to join in on the purchase or sponsoring by Facebook, Twitter or Email. Only after you’ve reached your target (or “tilt”) is the money is charged from the participants’ accounts and into the organizer account.

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Find hungry, young talent for your NPO

Have you ever believed in a good cause but didn’t know where to start? Got a great project in mind but need support to get it going? Are you trying to turn your good actions into a professional career? Maybe you’re an organization leader and need to recruit new members? If you answered yes to any of the above, check out this week’s Fave NPO,!

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DonorsChoose | Innovative NPO: Help Public School Students in Need is an innovative online nonprofit that makes it easy to help fund great learning projects for kids in some of the US’s poorest public schools. It’s a great system, allowing you to make a specific donation according to what projects teachers are asking for on the site (which also means it can be as big or as small a donation as you would like to make). And with causes being sorted into locations, subjects, resources and categories such as ‘Most Urgent’, ‘Lowest Cost, and ‘Highest Poverty’, the donating process couldn’t be easier.

The projects being funded by guys ‘n’ gals like you or me range from touchscreen learning on tablet PCs, to essential textbooks, to transportation for a school dance team to a live performance. Literally anything. And each request is a very personal one by a teacher or his or her students. So that means that if you’re teaching in a public school and you would really love to improve your kids’ education, you gotta get your cause onto this site!

Pictures like the ones to either side of this show you just how much it means when someone donates and provides kids with opportunities they just wouldn’t have had before. Click here, or on any of them to see how you can help, or get helped by this lovely website 🙂

Get involved and check out this great nonprofit,

Don’t forget to check out the AllMyFaves NPO Directory; linking you to many of America’s most popular NPOs, and some great causes you haven’t heard of.

Bellstrike – Free, Instant Websites for Non-Profits

“No Learning Requred”. That’s the mantra that Bellstrike – a super little site allowing you to create and maintain a gorgeous, professional website for your NPO in minutes – is sticking to fervently. And it’s true as well. If you’ve started up your own non-profit, but are dreading having to create a big website, hire designers, talk with servers and other unspoken horrors, I can’t think of a better way to get yourself out there than with a Bellstrike site! Watch the video to see how it could help you.

The sign up and set up is completely free, there’s no monthly fees, and you’ll only be paying for the site if it brings in donations. They take 6% of the online donations you make, and it’s capped at $80 a month, so you’ll never be giving them more than that. Pretty reasonable really! Click here if you’re interested in the idea, or if you’re running a non-profit and could do with a better, free website, that allows you to instantly accept online credit card donations, and spread the word on all the usual social networks.

Now speaking of charity, I couldn’t possibly talk about a site for non-profits without mentioning The All My Faves Visual NPO Database. It’s got all the top US Non-Profits, listed in their individual categories, making it easy for you to find interesting causes to donate to, research or volunteer for. Click here to get acquainted with some great causes on AllMyFaves NPO.

WeTopia – Donate to Haiti by Playing this Free Online Game

WeTopia is a social game in which players can earn ‘Joy’ by playing with friends, and spend that Joy helping children in the real world. Or in other words, if you play this fun, free online game, you actually help to fund projects by WeTopia’s partnered NPOs like Save The Children, Help Heal Haiti and the Childrens’ Health Fund.

What could be better? Playing free online games and donating to NPOs. At the same time. For free! We’ve been playing it in the All My Faves HQ, and we’re feeling pretty good about ourselves right now 🙂

SwipeGood – Making Charitable Donations as Easy as Swipe

SwipeGood – The ingenious idea behind SwipeGood makes the entire process of giving a whole lot simpler. The service rounds up the purchases you make with your credit or debit card to the nearest dollar, and donates that loose change to an organization of your choice.

Once you register your credit/debit card, you don’t need to do anything else aside from simply carrying on with your regular routine. The passive giving approach -while having full access to the transactions and donations reports via SwipeGood- makes charitable donations effortless and wonderful! As a SwipeGood member, you have full control over your contributions: you can set a monthly donation limit, pause the SwipeGood process at any time, and choose between 748 different organizations to give to.

Signing up is super quick and easy, and once you add a card to the SwipeGood service, you can start helping your choice of organizations instantly. What a great idea! We loved it.

Draw and Fold Over – Doodling for a Good Cause

Draw and Fold Over – When the Campaign for Drawing wanted to let people know of the Big Draw project celebrating the role of drawings in our life, they went for a special and innovative approach. The Draw and Fold Over page invites you to draw whatever you wish, and then share it with the community and receive feedback for it. So come in and draw for fun, for helping this organization, or for sharing the love.