SwipeGood – Making Charitable Donations as Easy as Swipe

Posted on Monday, August 8th, 2011 by

SwipeGood – The ingenious idea behind SwipeGood makes the entire process of giving a whole lot simpler. The service rounds up the purchases you make with your credit or debit card to the nearest dollar, and donates that loose change to an organization of your choice.

Once you register your credit/debit card, you don’t need to do anything else aside from simply carrying on with your regular routine. The passive giving approach -while having full access to the transactions and donations reports via SwipeGood- makes charitable donations effortless and wonderful! As a SwipeGood member, you have full control over your contributions: you can set a monthly donation limit, pause the SwipeGood process at any time, and choose between 748 different organizations to give to.

Signing up is super quick and easy, and once you add a card to the SwipeGood service, you can start helping your choice of organizations instantly. What a great idea! We loved it.

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