From intention to action all around the world

Posted on Monday, March 26th, 2012 by

Find hungry, young talent for your NPO

Have you ever believed in a good cause but didn’t know where to start? Got a great project in mind but need support to get it going? Are you trying to turn your good actions into a professional career? Maybe you’re an organization leader and need to recruit new members? If you answered yes to any of the above, check out this week’s Fave NPO,! No opportunity to help those in need should be wasted, and Idealist gives you a chance to connect with people, ideas and resources & build a global, charitable network.

Real, career-building opportunities… where it matters most

You can use to look for volunteer opportunities or events in order to get involved – and publish events and resources to encourage people to do the same; contact with organizations that share your concerns; look for an internship or a job that really fits your desire to do good actions; create a website to improve your presence online; offer jobs, events, programs and get in touch with volunteers and donors who can collaborate with your organization. No one is forgotten when it comes to finding practical solutions to social and environmental problems. So what are you waiting for, fellow do-gooders, let’s get started!

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