TakePart: Inspiring Social Action with a Sprinkling of Hollywood

Posted on Monday, April 16th, 2012 by

What do you get when you take the film company behind socially-minded movies like An Inconvenient Truth, Fast Food Nation and The Kite Runner, and mix it with an equally socially-minded website?

You get TakePart – a “cause services agency” that never rests in its goal to “empower and ignite people to take daily action in making the world better”. TakePart is the socially minded, digital division of Participant Media – possibly Hollywood’s only issue-led film production company – and so as you would expect, it’s full of inspiring content from social media groups to head-turning Youtube videos to feature-length documentaries – making it easy for you to take action for any issue you care about.

We’re particularly inspired by TakePart’s ongoing campaign, ‘Take Action: 30 Ways In 30 Days‘, which creates an advent calendar of excellent causes websites – from taking a stand against LGBT bullying in schools to donating schoolbooks to needy kids. You can take positive action simply by clicking a few buttons and getting entertained at the same time!

It’s never easy to make a difference when there’s an issue you care about. TakePart and its deluge of content makes it easier than before to do just that, so click here or on the big infographic below (which also further explains what TakePart does) and get involved.

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