DonorsChoose | Innovative NPO: Help Public School Students in Need

Posted on Monday, January 23rd, 2012 by is an innovative online nonprofit that makes it easy to help fund great learning projects for kids in some of the US’s poorest public schools. It’s a great system, allowing you to make a specific donation according to what projects teachers are asking for on the site (which also means it can be as big or as small a donation as you would like to make). And with causes being sorted into locations, subjects, resources and categories such as ‘Most Urgent’, ‘Lowest Cost, and ‘Highest Poverty’, the donating process couldn’t be easier.

The projects being funded by guys ‘n’ gals like you or me range from touchscreen learning on tablet PCs, to essential textbooks, to transportation for a school dance team to a live performance. Literally anything. And each request is a very personal one by a teacher or his or her students. So that means that if you’re teaching in a public school and you would really love to improve your kids’ education, you gotta get your cause onto this site!

Pictures like the ones to either side of this show you just how much it means when someone donates and provides kids with opportunities they just wouldn’t have had before. Click here, or on any of them to see how you can help, or get helped by this lovely website 🙂

Get involved and check out this great nonprofit,

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