Chipping in with Crowdtilt: An Easier Way To Pool Money

Posted on Monday, April 9th, 2012 by

Crowdtilt is all about taking the stress out of pooling and collecting money from a group. It’s a platform allowing you to describe an event you’re planning, gift you’re group-buying or sponsored challenge you’re undertaking; set the amount needed to raise and then invite people to join in on the purchase or sponsoring by Facebook, Twitter or Email. Only after you’ve reached your target (or “tilt”) is the money is charged from the participants’ accounts and into the organizer account.

How did we ever raise money without it?

Pooling money has never been an easy thing to do. An organizer often finds themselves wishing they never started the pool… the multiple emails for finding enough people, updating them on the status, and then making sure that the committed people actually pay… No more! Crowdtilt makes it easy; after you post the event or gift and its cost, you just lean back and wait. If you have about 20 people who are mutual friends with you and the subject of the gift, and you need only 5 to join in with you for the pool, Crowdtilt closes the pool once it tilt, and you get the money to buy the gift.

It is not a complicated process but its not a free one either, Crowdtilt takes a commission for the service but in my point of view, you actually save money you would spend on buying medicine for your headache…

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