Casetagram – Turn your Instagram & Facebook Photos into Custom Cases

Casetagram is a social design service where you design your custom iPhone or iPad cases using your very own Instagram and Facebook photos.Casetagram is a social design service where you design your custom iPhone or iPad cases using your very own Instagram and Facebook photos.

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Panna – The Video Cooking Magazine for iPhone and iPad

Panna is an entirely new resource for the home cook, merging beautiful high-definition video with the expertise of master chefs. Cook restaurant quality food at home.

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Rando: An Anti-Social Instagram?

Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform for people who like photography. A Rando is an image that is taken by you and sent anonymously to somebody completely random.

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NowThis News: A Witty New Way to Consume your News

NowThis News is a light news portal that provides you with short 1 minute videos which cover the current events world wide.

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Life 360: Manage the Chaos of your Daily Family Life

Life360 is a free smartphone app that helps families stay in sync throughout their busy day. See where your family members are on a private map, get help in an emergency, or group chat with your family.

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Photocat: Another Free Photo Editor- Better than Photoshop?

Photocat is a free online photo editor that allows you to upload, filter, frame, and publish your photos as if you were a pro.

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City Guides ‘Unlike’ You’ve Ever Seen Before

Ever dreamed of having the whole World in your hands?

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Pocket (formerly Read It Later): Find & Save Content, Images, Articles, Videos for Later

Pocket (the app previously known as Read It Later) lets you save images, videos and articles  you find on the Internet to one place, on your iPhone, iPad, Android smartphone or Kindle Fire.

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Nexus Contraptions – Build a Nexus S Phone with Google’s Physics & Logic Game

Nexus Contraptions – Instead of going for the conventional advertising campaign to market its Nexus S phone, Google has come up with an engaging way to get your attention. Using its video hosting and sharing platform YouTube, Google’s Nexus Contraptions invites you to play the logic game where you need to get the G ball into the red basket in each level. This emulates building your own Nexus S phone by “bouncing, bubbling, and blasting Google apps into the phone.”

To learn more about Google’s Nexus S phone, start with this fun game, and then explore the device itself.

Wunderlist – Full Blown Social, Cloud-Supported To-Do List Service

Wunderlist – Not just another task management service, Wunderlist offers a powerful to-do and project list tool that has all the perks of today’s digital age. You can share your project notes and lists with whomever you want, have all the data stored in the cloud rather than on your computer, and Wunderlist’s mobile app (available for iPhone, iPad and Android), makes it possible to access, work on and manage all of your lists on the go. The web app is available to both Windows PC and Mac OSX.

When such great functionality is built so beautifully, it would be a sin not to give Wunderlist a try.  Here’s to much more productive to-do’s.

imo – Cross-Platform Instant Message, Audio and Video Chat Service

imo – Though it might seem as not that of a big deal, imo definitely is huge. It’s a “web-based service that allows users to hold text, voice, and video chats on multiple instant messaging protocols.” That means you can log into all your chat and messaging accounts in one place, and no imo registration or signup is required. It also means your friends needn’t be on imo -they can simply use whatever chat service they’re registered to and interact with you while you’re on imo.

Currently available on the iPhone, iPad  and Android, imo is a great service for avid chatters and instant messegers seeking one system to rule them all. The protocols imo is supporting as of today include AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Facebook Chat, Jabber, MSN, MySpace, Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and Hyves.