NowThis News: A Witty New Way to Consume your News

Posted on Monday, March 25th, 2013 by

NowThis News is a light news portal that provides you with short 1 minute videos which cover the current events world wide.

Extra Extra… Watch all about it!?

How do you access your news? Well, if you’re tired of waiting for the 6 o’clock boring evening news on TV or flipping through a bland old newspaper, NowThis News is just for you! Get ready for a light, fun, quick, enthusiastic and entertaining way to access the top headlines happening around the world. The company’s goal and tactic is to provide a mobile video experience to mobile phones via their iOS application and on their website. A great aspect of this built from scratch experience, is how easy it is to share the news with friends and family on different platforms such as facebook, twitter, and email.

Become your own News Anchor!

A great aspect to this news experience is the fact that the user can pick and choose exactly what headlines to focus their time and attention on. Now since video clips are on average just over a minute long, the user does not need a lot of time to watch clips allowing to take in more information. Being a video based news provider, NowThis News targets users who want quick, eye catching video clips that are informative but still light enough to go through at least a dozen clips in a sitting, meaning: young people with shortened attention spans (which accounts for all of today’s teenagers. 😉 )

Long Story Short…

NowThis News is perfect for some, but because the clips provide only the essential information and sometimes miss out further in depth information on a specific news story, it might not be enough for others. Although mostly targeting the younger audience with a very similar interface to an MTV style presentation, NowThis News is just the fit for users looking for a quick, original, snappy, and entertaining way of accessing the top headlines around the world through the medium of video via the computer or mobile cell phones.


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