Rando: An Anti-Social Instagram?

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 by

Rando is an experimental photo exchange platform for people who like photography. A Rando is an image that is taken by you and sent anonymously to somebody completely random.

No More Social Networking Jazz!

OK people, let’s be completely honest with each other, when you log into any social media platform (specifically Facebook for me), the first thing you hope to see as your news feed loads is an unbelievable number of notifications, mostly hoping for likes, comments, tagged photos, and shares. And that’s just Facebook! How can you forget about tweets, re-tweets, pictures liked on Instagram, check-ins on foursquare, pin it on pinterest, and all that other great social networking jazz. My point is, sometimes all this activity on all these different mediums of online communication can get super repetitive and overwhelming and annoying. So what if you take all of that sometimes unnecessary interaction.

Completely Random!

A social communication platform that is completely random, and confidential? Would it even interest people? How would it even work? Would YOU try it? Well, calm down everyone, I’m not crazy, it is happening with a fresh take on the popular random video chatting Chatroulette, with exceptions.  It’s called Rando, a photo sharing experiment with complete strangers all over the world. People will send their photos to complete strangers to other users around the world. People will never know who received the Rando, they will never know who sent it and a Rando must be sent for one to be received. While you will not know the location of where it landed, the receiver will know where in the world the picture was taken. Users build their Rando collection, collating unique cultural sights from around the world. It has been purposefully removed from the conventions of photo sharing apps (within reason). No likes, no comments, no direct communication. Just Rando. An appreciation of fine photography. Right now Rando is only available for iPhone and iPad but it’s definitely worth a shot, give it a go yourself!

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