Panna – The Video Cooking Magazine for iPhone and iPad

Posted on Monday, April 8th, 2013 by

Panna is an entirely new resource for the home cook, merging beautiful high-definition video with the expertise of master chefs. Cook restaurant quality food at home.

Restaurant Quality Food… At home?!

Do you enjoy great food? Well Obviously you do, who doesn’t?! Well what if I told you that you could be enjoying restaurant caliber food at home? And then what if I told you that you could cook it yourself using the tips of proclaimed head chefs? Well i’m not lying, it’s true, with Panna! Panna is a digital magazine, with six issues in the first year, released bi-monthly.  Each will contain 13 seasonal video recipes from our master chefs. With home kitchens and backyard grills as the sets, our premier chefs prepare their favorite recipes and demonstrate step-by-step cooking techniques in an engaging, approachable style that’s easy to follow along with while cooking.  The Panna TV feature allows you to watch the entire issue’s content like a TV program with a scrubber to fast-forward and rewind.  You can both stream and download the content, making recipes easily accessible online or off. Written recipes accompany the video, and you can easily add the ingredients to a grocery list and check them off while shopping. Grab that spatula and start cooking like a Chef!

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