VERSUS IO: Which Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop is Best For You?

Posted on Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012 by

VERSUS IO is going to really help you…A brilliantly simple comparisons website for electronic and mobile products that’ll make your decision for you in no time… Check it out here.


For the smarter, more discerning consumer

VERSUS IO is a great tool for all of you out there who wish to upgrade to a new smart phone. Searching the web for mobile devices info can be a tricky thing; Googling for a specific brand will give you thousands of links, browsing tech sites will most of the times give you a one dimensioned review and ‘compare sites’ will usually only refer to the cost… VERSUS IO on the other end will help you find advantages, pros and cons & superiority of one device over the other in specific areas.

Gives a clearer overall picture

Having tried VERSUS IO this week, we’ve already found it more immediately useful than any of the tech and gadget blogs, which so often are blighted by bias and subjectivity.  VERSUS IO takes objective factors like speed, screen size, looks etc and puts them into a very clear versus style pros n cons comparison, making it so much easier and quicker to make that tough purchasing decision!

Bottom Line on VERSUS IO:

Buying a new smartphone, tablet or laptop? Even if  your answer is ‘no’ its fun to compare what you do have to one of the shiny new models… Try it and see for yourselves.

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