Top 101 Cool Websites and Apps: What’s Interesting So Far In 2015

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101COVERBEHOLD! Below are the best websites so far in 2015. On this list you’ll find only the coolest websites on the Internet! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the best cool websites on the Web!

101 Coolest Websites of 2015!

2015 has been One of the most productive years ever on the Web, and the number of smartphones in the world has finally surpassed the number of PC’s.  We were introduced to loads of new technologies, websites and apps.  On this blog post we are happy to share the very best of the sites and apps that we have reviewed this year on our Weekly Faves Project. Whether it’s a useful Internet tool, a new video website, a new amazing app, or a productive computer or phone tool, you’ll find it here. Enjoy!



The site offers editorial content geared towards an educated, youthful audience, written in an intelligent yet funny and conversational tone. The site hosts articles that cover a wide-range of topics, split across categories like “News,” “Pop & Culture,” “Justice,” “Real Future,” “Voices,” and “Sex & Life.”



Vote for the NBA’s greatest player of all time on NBA Faceoff.



WhySearch is the quickest and most efficient way to access the web’s best video content across a wide spectrum of categories. If there’s a video worth watching and sharing, you can probably find it on the site.



Budsies turns your child’s artwork into a customized plush toy. Children don’t select from different pre-made features to make their plush toy. Instead, the toy is created entirely from their own imagination.



CodePen is a live code playground for improving your HTML, CSS and JavaScript skills while collaborating and sharing your work with others.



Planning a multi-destination trip is a complex process. Rome2Rio is a search platform for discovering the best way to get anywhere by plane, train, bus, ferry and automobile.



Google’s 1,000 Chrome Experiments celebrates six years of creative coding from around the world. Tons of creative coders hosted projects on the site, using HTML5 and JavaScript to create unique, interactive user experiences.



Hillydilly is dedicated to unearthing new music, pushing only the best and ultimately connecting the average music fan to all the good music that’s out there. The site’s staff hand-selects and pre-screens every track that appears on Hillydilly, ensuring that the quality of the song meets their standards.



Maptia offers a beautiful way to publish and discover a world of remarkable stories, told by inspiring photographers, writers and adventurers.



Yoogaia is an online school offering interactive courses in yoga, pilates, core and kettle bell. Each of Yoogaia’s courses takes place online with other students in real time, but students can complete the courses from their own home (or wherever they may be, as long as it has an Internet connection).

91. The DNA Project


j.viewz is a Brooklyn-based musician, producer and songwriter. He has created a first-of-its-kind music platform, allowing access to the DNA of the songs as they form.



Bitters + Bottles is a cocktail subscription box service that helps you build your home bar and learn how to use it.



Startups and tech companies have not only disrupted many traditional industries, but they’ve revolutionized the workplace for the 21st century. OfficeFetish takes you behind the scenes of your favorite startup, showcasing various office environments.



Stingycoin ensures you never miss another deal by alerting you when products you want go on sale. The site differentiates itself from comparable deal-finding sites like Groupon or Livingsocial in that it offers a more personalized, curated list of deals.



The Family Farmer is an interactive documentary game that challenges visitors to create and manage their own virtual farm, raising awareness about the large and small issues specific to family farms.



Replay is a video-creation tool designed as an app for iOS devices. The app has much of the functionality of relatively high-level video editing software like iMovie, but putting together videos via Replay is much easier and more intuitive.



Youfitness is a hand-picked collection of the best free fitness and workout videos available on YouTube. The site is like a virtual personal fitness assistant, asking you what type of workout you want to do and then directing you to the best videos available on YouTube.



Caviar offers delivery from your favorite restaurants with real-time tracking and no minimums.



Illusion is Scene 360’s website dedicated to featuring amazing creations in art, design and film. It’s homepage features surreal moving images, fitting with its tagline of “Amazing Creations In Motion.”

82. Evans Halshaw – The Evolution of Bond Cars


James Bond’s cars are almost as famous as the fictional spy himself. Bond Cars is an interactive guide to the history and evolution of all of those vehicles.



Dash Radio is an online radio platform that livestreams across multiple channels 24/7, for free.

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