The Best of the Web 2022

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The internet constantly evolves, and new and innovative websites and apps are created and launched daily. In 2022, hundreds of excellent sites and apps caught our attention (discover them all here). 

Our Selection Process

Our team carefully considered various factors when selecting the top ten websites and apps of 2022. These sites stood out to us because of their unique features, innovative approaches, and overall value to users. We also considered each site’s widespread popularity and how it compared to others in its category. In addition, we took into account the mission and values of each, as well as its potential to make a positive impact on the world. Overall, our goal was to select the top ten websites and apps that were the best of the best in 2022.

Without further ado, here are the top ten websites and apps of 2022:

1. ChatGPT

ChatGPT by OpenAI is a revolutionary AI language model that has significantly impacted how we communicate with virtual assistants. It allows users to have natural, conversational interactions, making it a more intuitive and user-friendly tool than traditional text-based interfaces. It has also contributed to the advancement of AI technology by demonstrating the capabilities of language models to understand and respond to complex inputs. Overall, ChatGPT has significantly impacted the field of AI and made the first spot on our Best of 2022 list.

2. Midjourney

Midjourney is also an AI tool that has significantly impacted how people create and share visual content. It allows users to turn textual descriptions into images, making it a unique and innovative way to bring ideas to life. Midjourney has opened up new possibilities for people to express themselves creatively and has made it easier for individuals and businesses to share their ideas and concepts with others.

3. Deepstash

Deepstash helps creative (but busy) folk unlock knowledge from books, articles & podcasts. We selected Deepstash because it offers valuable information on various topics in an engaging and easily accessible format.

4. World of Mouth

World of Mouth is an independent restaurant guide app powered by a global community of culinary experts focused on connecting people with great places to eat and drink globally. It features a wide range of dining options curated by seasoned experts. Whether you’re looking for a casual pizza spot or a high-end new restaurant opening, World of Mouth has you covered with its reliable and comprehensive guide. It’s a go-to resource for foodies looking for dynamic and trustworthy recommendations.

5. BeReal

BeReal is a social networking app that allows users to connect with their friends uniquely and personally. Every day at a different time, everyone is notified simultaneously to capture and share a photo in two minutes. This creates a new and unique way to discover who your friends really are in their daily lives. It’s a fun and engaging way to stay connected with your friends and get a glimpse into their daily routines and experiences. We chose BeReal as a top 22 fave because it offers a unique way to connect with others and has exploded in popularity this year. Don’t forget, Be Real!

6. Most Recommended Books

Most Recommended Books is the ultimate destination for book recommendations from the world’s most influential people. Their simple yet powerful mission is to become the best source for book recommendations on the internet—a golden favorite from this year’s weekly faves. 

7. Earth Hero

EarthHero is a website that helps individuals take action for the planet. It allows users to discover personalized, positive steps to respond to climate change and care for their communities. If you want to make a difference and shape a brighter future for our planet, check out Earth Hero. It’s our future to choose, and every little action counts.

8. Palette

Palette – Palette is an AI colorizer app that allows users to add vibrant color to black and white images. Of the many AI apps we featured this year, we chose Palette because of its unique way of using AI to breathe new life into our old photos. AI is just getting started; what more would we see in 2023?

9. Workspaces

Workspaces is a site that allows users to explore the workspaces of creative individuals and get inspiration for their own space. We chose workspaces because it offers a unique and visually appealing way for people to find inspiration.

10. Jimmy Nelson

Jimmy Nelson is a photographer whose mission is to change how people see the world. Jimmy’s dream is to connect with the all-encompassing wealth of ancient cultures living in harmony with themselves and Mother Earth. We chose Jimmy’s site because of its unique storytelling and how it showcases powerful and thought-provoking photography that encourages people to think differently. Live, laugh, cry and dance with Jimmy Nelson’s moving photography. 

In conclusion, the top ten websites and apps of 2022 are a diverse and impressive group of sites and apps. From AI language models and image creation tools to restaurant guides and sustainable living resources, these sites all make a unique contribution to the internet and are worth your attention. 

We hope this list has inspired you to explore more of the World Wide Web and discover all they offer. 

Every week we feature 10 new sites that are worthy of your attention. Check back here to discover them all in 2023. Happy new year to you all!

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