Top 101 Cool Websites and Apps: What’s Interesting So Far In 2015

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Documentary Addict is the largest and best curated collection of documentaries on the planet.



Sondry is a place to read and share stories. It’s a platform for writers as much as it is for those interested in cool stories or wanting to share one of their own.



Hashtagcharity has created a platform that makes it easier for IT professionals to find volunteer opportunities that they’re passionate about. It also provides a platform for nonprofit organizations to get the technical help that they need without any of the associated costs.



Betterific is a crowdsourcing platform that, unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo, doesn’t involve money. Instead, the site crowdsources ideas.



Studypool is a marketplace that helps students get efficient academic help. The site offers a quicker and easier way for students to ask questions and receive multiple responses.



Smashd is a new blog offering a fresh perspective on tech, culture and hustle. The focus of the blog is on technology, although it caters to an audience that’s not typically represented by the major tech news outlets.



Greatist is a blog designed to help the world think of health in a healthier way. Their articles are focused on helping you set goals that you can actually reach on your own terms.



CareGuide is a family of online services with the simple mission of pairing families and individuals with great care providers. If you’re looking for a babysitter, nanny, elder care provider, pet sitter, dog walker, housekeeper or house sitter, you can most likely find what you need on CareGuide.



Words Can Save is an interactive website built by security software company Kaspersky Lab. It’s intended to inform adults and parents about the problems associated with cyberbullying, along with solutions and tips to improve kids’ safety.



Vidme is a creative community for instantly uploading and sharing videos of all types. From the site’s homepage, anyone can click a button and instantly upload a video or GIF file.

70. Opinion


Opinion is an iOS app that lets you easily record and share podcasts. It is an easy-to-use app that takes away all the barriers from recording your podcast and getting it out to the world.



ShareCare gives you a personalized health profile, with advice and tips as to how to live your best life. Users can build this profile through a couple of steps.



The Scene offers short and long-form video content from brands and channels like Wired, GQ, Glamour, Vogue, ABC News, Buzzfeed and more. Most of the videos are short and easily sharable, and they flow into one another for as long as you want to watch.



Your Voice is a nonprofit organization and digital platform created by Whisper dedicated to raising mental health awareness for young adults.



EatWith allows individuals or groups of people to sign up for meals being made in and around their city and community. Scrolling through the EatWith homepage, users can find different culinary meals to join and gain an unforgettable experience.



Visme is a platform to create interactive online presentations, infographics and banners in HTML5. There are a variety of templates under each of these categories, making it incredibly simple to create a PowerPoint-style presentation without the cost of actually buying that application.

64. Docady


Docady is a free mobile app for managing your life’s most important documents. Passports, birth certificates, financial documents and medical documents all can be uploaded to the app.



StartupTalks has compiled an enormous catalog of videos featuring talks and panels relating to the technology business. Videos can be found by searching for a specific individual or company name, or by browsing the site’s many different categories.

62. Prime Music

prime music

With Prime Music, you can listen to all your favorite artists and all the top hits with no commercial interruption. Prime Music has also created playlists oStream over a million songs with Prime Musicf all varieties to match every mood, activity and genre.

61. Keezy


Keezy is a toy for musicians that’s powerful enough to be used as a new form of musical instrument. The app markets itself as being “simple enough for toddlers, but useful for professional musicians.”



Love Home Swap is the world’s biggest home exchange club. Using the “Swap” feature, users can conduct a two-way home exchange, with each staying at the other’s home at a pre-designated point in time.

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