Concert Hotels: Stay Near The Party

Posted on Tuesday, July 28th, 2015 by

concerthotels5Concert Hotels is a search engine to help you find hotels near venues around the world.

Hotels For Your Next Out-Of-Town Event

concerthotels1Thousands of people around the world travel on a daily basis in order to attend some sort of event in a different city, state or country. Whether you’re going to Chicago for the Grateful Dead Concert or going to England for Glastonbury Festival, there’s always a music or sporting event attracting people from all over. Concert Hotels is a site that caters to that market of travelers. The site operates on the idea that the closer you stay to whatever event you’re attending, the better. It’s a useful service, especially for those that want to make a vacation easier or avoid having to deal with transportation to and from the venue.


Find Events And Stay Close To Them

concerthotels3Concert Hotels uses a simple search engine much like other booking sites. You enter either a venue or a city, as well as check in and check out dates and the amount of rooms you need. The site also helpfully lists all of the venues in a particular city, as well as the top restaurants and events taking place there. Unlike other booking sites, the hotels are all listed based on their distance from the stadium or venue where your event will be taking place. Booking can be completed from entirely within Concert Hotels’ platform. The site has thousands of hotel listings, as well as other useful information and promotions for events occurring across North America and the world. If you’re traveling somewhere for an event, you might as well use Concert Hotels to stay close to the party.


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