Leaf: The Better Way to Shave

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 by

Leaf is a new shaving product with great design.

Impressive Design

Leaf was included as a weekly fave primarily because of the incredible design of its homepage. The shaving space is crowded, especially with the popularity of dominant early groundbreaking companies like Dollar Shave Club and Harry’s. Aside from that, the big players like Gilette still reign supreme. Leaf aims to disrupt the crowded field with a new razor designed for all uses: women wanting to shave their legs, men wanting to trim their beards, or anything in between. The product itself is sleekly designed, but the company’s website is pleasant and enjoyable to visit. They’ve obviously put effort into the presentation of their product, with the goal of hoping that presentation entices you to make a purchase. Even if it doesn’t, UX designers or other companies could take note from what Leaf has done.

Quit Wasting While Shaving

Leaf also has a unique approach to the design of their actual shaving product. Rather than requiring users to buy new cartridges every time they shave, Leaf built “a three-blade pivoting head right into a beautiful, durable, all metal razor.” This means the company avoids plastic altogether, while reducing the waste that comes with throwing out your cartridges every time you shave. Leaf will inevitably face an uphill climb as they aim to assert that their product is worth buying over the numerous other comparable options on the market. If design counts for anything, they shouldn’t struggle reaching that goal too hard.

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