Stillwhite: Buy Pre-owned Wedding Dresses

Posted on Monday, June 3rd, 2019 by

Stillwhite offers previously-owned wedding dresses.

(Still) White Wedding Dresses

Buying a used wedding dress might not be the most romantic option. It might not fulfill childhood fantasies of getting the perfect dress, perfectly fitted for you, the bride. It is, of course, practical. If the dress is still white, there’s no reason that two people can’t wear it. With a clever name and a niche, yet needed lane, Stillwhite has become the world’s largest preowned wedding dress marketplace. The site greets visitors with a simple search engine, allowing them to search for their favorite brands or styles, filtering by size range and max price. Then, of course, you can buy a dress.

Buy Used! It’s Cheaper

Stillwhite lets you buy dresses directly from sellers. You can either organize a time to meet to pick up your dress, or check out immediately and have the dress delivered to you if that’s an option. If you opt to meet up first, you can always try on the dress before you buy it. If you’re a bride that wants to get ride of some closet space and earn back some of the cash that you shelled out for your special day, you can list your own dress on the site. There’s still some stigma to overcome in a wedding industry that prioritizes freshness and unique ownership. However, Stillwhite appears to be changing the game.

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