Omni Calculator: 781 Free Calculators

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2019 by

Omni Calculator has 781 calculators.

Calculate (Almost) Everything!

You probably haven’t considered that you would ever need more than one calculator. Most phones nowadays have a calculator on them, or you can simply type an equation into Google and return a near-instant result. Omni Calculator disagrees, offering 781 different calculators for varying purposes. The company’s goal, according to its homepage, is to make almost every calculation-based problem easier for the average individual to solve. If you’re looking to figure out how many calories you should intake, or how much rent you should be paying, Omni Calculator has a specific calculator for that. Many of these calculators—such as the hourly-to-salary rate converter—offer quick and easy solutions to problems that might have otherwise required some math work.

Making Calculators Fun & Interesting

There are so many different tools on Omni Calculator that it can be difficult to find what you’re looking for. There’s even a search engine so that you can filter the results by whatever it is you need to accomplish. Categories include “Chemistry,” “Ecology,” “Everyday Life,” Sports,” and “Statistics.” There’s even a section called “Omni Discover,” which features inventive calculators like the “Addiction Calculator,” which tells you how much life you could lose based on your harmful addictions. There’s a ton of interesting scenarios to explore on Omni Calculator. It’s amazing that they’ve somehow made calculators fun, free, and entirely more useful than whatever kind you already own.

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