Prince Estate: Prince’s Discography, Annotated

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2018 by

The Prince Estate showcases all of Prince’s discography with annotations.

Celebrate Prince’s Life

Prince was notoriously hesitant to adapt to new music streaming technologies. He didn’t want his music to be available online. There was some question as to what would happen to his discography after he died, and with The Prince Estate website, we might have the answer. The site is an ambitious effort to preserve Prince’s music in a digital format. It also contains annotations and deep dives into the artist’s musical history. For fans already familiar with his deepest cuts, it also contains some of the many unreleased tracks that the artist had stored up in his vaults at Paisley Park.

Listen To (Almost) All Of His Music

The Prince Estate website isn’t the most well-designed site, and it’s somewhat difficult to navigate. However, it demonstrates the lengthy and prolific career that the artist maintained. He put out an album almost every year, and the musicality on each is extremely diverse. On the Prince Estate website, you can preview most all of the tracks, though you can’t listen to them in full. You can also read some background information on Prince’s recording process, as well as different interesting tidbits from throughout his career. For hardcore Prince fans as well as the casual listener, browsing the Prince Estate website is a nice tribute to the talented artist’s amazing life and career.

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