Imperfect Produce: Ugly Produce. Delivered.

Posted on Monday, May 7th, 2018 by

Imperfect Produce offers healthy, delicious fruits and veggies for 30-50% less than grocery stores, delivered to your door.

Eat What The Grocery Store Doesn’t Want

According to Imperfect Produce, more than 20% of fruits and vegetables grown in America “never make it off the farm because they aren’t perfect enough for grocery store standards.” Typically, this means that the fruits and vegetables in questions have strange or unusual shapes, even if they’re just as edible and nutritious as their more normal-looking foods. Most of the time, these fruits and vegetables simply go to waste. That’s where Imperfect Produce comes in, delivering the typically-discarded foods to people’s doors. By only sending the “imperfect produce” that their name describes, the company claims it can cut costs as low as 30-50% less than grocery store prices.

Pay Less Than Grocery Store Prices

Imperfect Produce operates on the subscription box model, sending a box to subscribers’ doors each week. The cool thing about Imperfect Produce is that the company lets people customize their boxes, choosing the fruits and vegetables that they’d like included. If you’re looking to try more of a certain vegetable, or need a certain fruit for some recipes that you’re wanting to plan for the week, Imperfect Produce is willing to work with you. If you don’t want to customize your box, you can let the company surprise you with a hodgepodge of items. The fruits and vegetables may look weird, but they’re still edible, and they’re cheaper. It simply makes sense, and it can help contribute to reducing waste.

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