Merge: To-Do List App For Couples

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 by

Merge is an app for couples who live together.

Not Just Roommates

Living with your significant other is a much different experience than living with a roommate. While there are plenty of apps designed to help roommates track expenses and organize responsibilities, assigning those duties or charging your boyfriend or girlfriend through them can feel cold and impersonal. Merge offers the same functionality, but with a lighter touch, designed specifically for couples who live together. At its core, the app is a shared to-do list. But it also offers some advanced features when you dig a little deeper, such as the ability to track payments, comment on to-do list items, or vote on things.

Share Everything

Merge organizes all of these tasks into four categories: CHORES, SHOP, VOTE, AND PAY. Chores helps you keep track of what needs to be done around the house. Shop lets you keep track of your grocery and shopping lists. Vote, perhaps the most interesting but also impersonal category on the app, lets you propose and vote on decisions for the household. Pay lets you coordinate payments. Merge is a cute, fun app that may prove useful for couples. It will definitely tech a particular type of tech-savvy couple to utilize the app to its full potential, but it’s worth a download for any couples living together under the same roof.

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