Dialogue: Write A Movie

Posted on Monday, June 25th, 2018 by

Dialogue is a screenwriting app with a unique twist.

Write A Movie On Your Phone

Final Draft, an expensive desktop screenwriting program, has been the industry standard for screenwriting for a long time. In recent years, a few free alternatives such as Writer Duet, Amazon Storywriter, and Celtx have arrived on the market. While each of these have their advantages and disadvantages, none of them are truly intuitive to use on a mobile device. Dialogue, a new app from Carbon Studio, is the first screenwriting app that truly feels designed for the mobile experience. Per the app’s name, the central idea behind the app is that it recreates the texting experience, which translates to dialogue in script form.

Scripts In Text Message Form

After creating characters in Dialogue, you simply type as if you’re carrying out a text conversation. You can quickly switch between characters and create new scenes for them to interact within. When you’re finished, you can easily send your script to your desktop or save it to your phone as a PDF. There’s also a section of the app that lets you organize your scenes, rearranging items as you see fit. Although Dialogue offers a more intuitive way of writing than other programs, it’s more of a way to quickly get your ideas across than to format a final draft (no pun intended) of a feature-length script. For on-the-go writing, however, Dialogue can’t be beat.

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