Would You Rather: A Newsletter

Posted on Wednesday, July 4th, 2018 by

Would You Rather is a newsletter that sends scenarios with that question to your email.

Would You Rather…

“Would You Rather” is one of the best questions to ask if you want to spark a discussion, force people to choose between cool options, force them to choose between the lesser of two evils, or just see how your friends or family react to various scenarios. In its newsletter form, Would You Rather does all of that and more. The newsletter, which is clearly a passion project and describes itself as having “weekly(ish)” delivery schedule, sends one unique question in every issue. You can then vote on your choice for the current issue, and review the results of the votes from the previous issue, along with the worded responses people left.

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Some examples of the questions posed on Would You Rather are: would you rather be able to walk through walls or see through walls?, would you rather have telescopic vision or telescopic hearing?, would you rather have your face on a coin or a mountain?, and would you rather have hover boots or a hover bike?. These are lighthearted, fun questions. The questions might not be quite what those who have played this game with their friends might expect (i.e., not extremely gruesome or dirty), but they still are tough decisions and the Would You Rather newsletter makes it fun to make a choice, stick with it, and then view the results of what everyone else said.

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