Phantom Islands: A Sonic Atlas

Posted on Monday, July 9th, 2018 by

Phantom Islands let you explore the sounds of islands that may or may not exist.

Listen To The Islands

According to Phantom Islands, there are a handful of Islands that have been “sighted, charted, described, and even explored – but their existence has never been ultimately verified.” These islands are called, of course, “phantom islands.” They may or may not exist in the vastness of the ocean, although given our current technological advancements, it’s likely that they do not. Still, Phantom Islands is an incredibly interesting site that lets you explore the soundscapes of the islands while you read up on the history of how they came to be “discovered.” It’s not entirely clear what comprises the sounds of the islands, but it’s still compelling to hear.

Read About Maritime History

One of the most interesting things about Phantom Islands is that the various places — like “Los Jardines” or “Rica De Oro” were supposedly documented by multiple explorers throughout history. It remains a mystery how the islands came to disappear off our modern maps, but reading about them and listening to the sounds they make is still a fun experience. The Phantom Islands site has a clean design and offers a unique experience. You can browse the map yourself or go into “Cruise” mode, which consists of a guided tour. The site, made by someone named Andrew Pekler, presents a unique bit of maritime history that should prove intriguing for anyone even remotely interested in geography.

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