Mevvy – Say Hello to The Next Generation App Store

Want to find what you’re looking for seamlessly? Now you can, say hello to Mevvy! The next generation app store, an online database of reliable applications. Goodbye search, hello find!

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Niice: An Inspiration Search Engine, One that actually has Taste!

Niice is an inspiration search engine, letting you search across multiple hand-picked sources and is probably the simplest way to get great inspiration from the web.

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How Search Works – From Algorithms to Answers

How Search Works is Google’s visual presentation of the most kept secret on the internet and the machine that made Google the tycoon it is – The Google search engine.

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Tagboard: Explore #Hashtags from Every Social Media Angle

Tagboard provides a shared, interactive experience for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and other social networks, using hashtags as the focal point.

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Quixey: Functional Searching to Help you Find the Best Apps!

Quixey is a brilliant and unique website that uses functional searching to help you find the best apps.

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Sulia: A Social Network for your Interests!

Sulia is a new social network that link users to their top interests using the most popular sources.

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XYO: Discover Mobile Apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone

XYO offers an interesting way to discover mobile apps from all over the world. On this site you can search and find new stunning apps for Android, iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone.

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Google Zeitgeist: See What the World Searched for on 2012

2012 was a year of big moments and trends, from global games to historical elections and everything in between. Google Zeitgeist analyzed over one trillion queries to showcase what the world searched for.

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Boxfish: App of the Week – Every Word Spoken on TV

Boxfish – our app of the week – is TV’s Information engine. It transforms television from a passive entertainment medium into a truly dynamic source of real-time information…

Continue Reading → The Social Search Engine Microsoft Hopes Will Beat Google

The idea of is simple; its a social search engine. Now what exactly does that mean?

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Music Video Genome – Personalized music television.

musicvideogenomeMusic Video Genome – If you are tired from the fact that music channels stopped playing actual music give Music Video Genome a try. It is a personalized music television. Type in your favorite artists and start enjoying the music instantly. Explore and discover new music with this simple tool.


InternMatch – Search and Find your Next Internship

intermatchInternMatch – Search and find your next internship in the largest database of college internships online. Then use their internship resources including resume samples, cover letter samples, and tips to help get prepared.