Niice: An Inspiration Search Engine, One that actually has Taste!

Posted on Monday, April 1st, 2013 by

Niice is an inspiration search engine, letting you search across multiple hand-picked sources and is probably the simplest way to get great inspiration from the web.

A Search Engine with Taste!

Niice is the ultimate search engine for creative people who wish to be inspired. One of the first thing creative people do before starting a new project is search for good examples of what they are trying to design or create (whether that’s interfaces, logos, typography, etc). However, if you search for ‘logos’ on Google Images you’ll get a lot of trash so instead they find themselves crrawling the same few sites they usually search, looking for ideas and inspiration (and ending up with about six dozen browser tabs open).

Along comes Niice…

The core idea of Niice is pretty simple; since it only searches a few hand-picked sources (Behance, Dribbble and Designspiration for now), it only returns good results… Even if you search for ‘poop’ as one of it’s users discovered… While Google is great when you’re looking for one image in particular, when you’re searching for inspiration what you really want is as many high-quality examples of an idea or style as possible. Niice asks you what you’re looking for, then gets the heck out of the way so you can look at it. I know I added it to my HomePage for whenever I’m in need for an inspiration injection, you really should give it a try yourselves.


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