Sulia: A Social Network for your Interests!

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2013 by

Sulia is a new social network that link users to their top interests using the most popular sources.

Completely Filtered Content that Only Shows your Interests!

“Whether it’s our family, a sports team, breaking news, Hollywood gossip, a hobby, a career or a political issue, we obsess over our interests everyday.” Sulia provides a space where these interests can be followed, commented on, and sifted through. Instead of bulking a bunch of information onto one screen, Sulia finds the most trusted sources, sorts between them, and only gives you the best information. “[They] then dynamically filter content from those sources, regardless of where it’s created (a blog, a social network, a media site, through Sulia’s publishing system, etc.), into high-quality, realtime social channels.”


Easy Start, Follow, Unfollow, Enjoy!

If you don’t have specific interests, no problem- Sulia recommends new topics and individuals everyday. So start following people to further explore your interests. Get informed on their favorites- what the like, comment on, and share. If the times comes when you’ve decided you’re bored and need to move on to the next topic, unfollowing is just as easy as following.

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