Quixey: Functional Searching to Help you Find the Best Apps!

Posted on Monday, January 21st, 2013 by

Quixey is a brilliant and unique website that uses functional searching to help you find the best apps.

What is the biggest problem that the smart phone world is facing today? Longer battery life? Already being fixed. Sleek design? Apple has that covered. Apps? Apps! Apps are wonderful, and lets face it, there is an app for everything these days, but finding the app that is right for the job that you need done is almost impossible because there are so many apps out there. Sure the iStore has tried to help with ratings and descriptions, but you can only read those once finding the app. Quixey, a new website that helps users find the apps that are right for them, is the best answer out there to: “Which app will help me complete the task at hand.

Functional Searching makes finding apps easy!

Quixey was created to help people easily find apps simply by describing what they want to do. “Unlike traditional app search engines, we use data from across the web (blogs, tweets, news and review sites and more) to learn exactly what each app can do. Since we have a comprehensive understanding of each app, we enable you to find apps without knowing an app’s name or description.” I should be mad, right? They are taking my work and putting it through their system to produce a functional search for you guys. All in all, I think what they are doing is ingenious. So don’t give up on my writing, but definitely check this website out!

Quixey Helps the App Crazy Find their New Crazes!

In our fast paced lives where phones are much smarter than we are, apps are everything. I wake up each morning to an alarm app, run to a fitness app, eat breakfast to a music app, work on reviewing apps, take coffee breaks with game apps, make dinner with a recipe app, and document my whole life with camera apps. I am an app believer, and I know I’m not alone. So, naturally, if there was a website that helped me find apps when I got my iPhone last year, life would have been much easier! Thank goodness that now there is Quixey which solves all of my app needs. I’m sure it will solve all yours as well, but don’t go looking for it at the app store! To my surprise, Quixey only exists in website form. They say, “We don’t have our own mobile app because we focus all our energy on providing our partners the best search technology in the world.” So although I understand the integrity behind not making an app. the app geek in me really wants one.

They have Big Names Supporting Them!

Quixey works “directly with the world’s largest mobile manufacturers, app stores, carriers and search engines to power app search.” With the world of electronics behind them, it’s no surprise that their website is so simple to understand and effectively helpful in the search for new apps. On a scale of app genius (like my boyfriend) to app stupid (like my mother, sorry mom) I’m somewhere in the middle. I shared Quixey with both the boyfriend and my mama, and it seems that both get exactly what they need out of it. Quixey is so easy and straight forward to use, that I’m sure the 3 year old I nanny will find a use for it as well.

… if that’s not enough, Quixey also challenges it’s users!

Calling All Coders and Programmers! 

Fix a bug in 1 minute. Win $100. It seems easy. My coding skills are obviously not great enough to enter this challenge, but I did pass it on to a couple of friends. If you think you have it in you, take the initiative and reap the benefits. In the back of my mind, I’d like to believe that the Quixey team is looking for the quickest and wisest programmers out there to offer them a job. So if I’m right, and you’re one of those people, interviewing for Quixey and possibly working in Mountain View, California might be a dream come true. And if you’re like me, obviously a genius, but maybe not in the computer field, still using Quixey for your app search is a dream come true in itself!


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