Boxfish: App of the Week – Every Word Spoken on TV

Posted on Monday, September 3rd, 2012 by

Boxfish – our app of the week – is TV’s Information engine. It transforms television from a passive entertainment medium into a truly dynamic source of real-time information…

What is Boxfish?

Boxfish is a new app that captures every word spoken on television, as it happens.  It process the data in real-time and by doing so, becomes a new way to discover what’s on TV. Boxfish therefore aims to use its potentially awesome powers to replace the TV guide and become your new ‘discovery layer’ for live television.

Do you really need Boxfish?

Well, I think that you do. Consuming news now days is usually done by either watching your local TV news or going on line to known news sites or by using some sort of a Reader. Usually it will give you global news and you will have to filter the things that interest you. Now think about clicking the keyword that you want to hear about; you home town, your college, your stock, your favorite sports team etc. Instantly you will receive content that contains that keyword from all the TV channels out there. Its a new way of consuming television, you should give it a try.







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