You Tube Music – Top Music Videos and Recommendations Especially for You

YouTube Music – The video search and hosting platform giant is now on a quest to deliver the top music videos based on videos you’ve already watched on YouTube. If you don’t have a YouTube account, get one to really make the most out of YouTube Music. You can also sign in with your Google log in info.

So what are the perks that come with YouTube Music? Top 100 for one. Based on user views, this list shows you the hottest music videos people are currently watching on YouTube, and based on videos you’ve watched in the past, YouTube Music makes video recommendations that truly hit the taste mark. One additional benefit that comes with YouTube Music is gig alerts of your favorite artists. Yep, listening to and discovering new music just got sweeter.

Picplum – Send Printed Photos to Family and Friends

Picplum – Earlier this month I wrote about Snail Mail My Email, a community art project that turned email messages into handwritten letters and sent them to people’s physical post boxes. Well, this Weekly Fave is based on a similar concept, but instead of handwritten letters, Picplum dives into the retro experience of sending photo prints (yes, actual photos you can hold in your hand).

How does Picplum work? Either upload or email the pictures you want to be sent as prints, and provide a recipient’s address. Picplum prints these on paper and sends them to your family, friends or whatever recipient you requested. Send the first batch of printed photos for free, and if you want automatic printing, plans start at $7/month.

Mocavo – An Ancestors Search Engine… Who Will You Find?

Mocavo – Discover your family’s rich history with Mocavo’s ancestors and genealogy search engine. As opposed to other family history/tree sites such as and Geni where you can upload family members and trace your ancestors, Mocavo scans all the genealogy sites on the Web to give you results for your ancestor inquiry. Think of it as Google Search for ancestry…

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Do Lectures – Stories of Utter Inspiration

Do Lectures – The Do Network believes that people who Do things -meaningful and life changing things- can inspire others to change the world. Every year, the Do Network invites inspiring Doers to come and tell their story in the hope of motivating you to go out and Do as well. These are the Do Lectures.

If Do Lectures reminds you of TED, that’s not a coincidence. Both aim to inspire people to do things and bring positive change by sharing amazing stories. An example of a fascinating Do Lecture is the one below by Phil Parker, talking about pursuing the impossible or, Why the Words You Say to Yourself Matter (click the image to go to the video).

Codeacademy – The Easy Way to Learn Coding

Codeacademy – HTML, CSS anyone? The bewildering world of programming seems so far fetched to most non-engineers, including myself. But I do know programming brings magic in terms of website appearance and infrastructure. Codeacademy is here to make the frightening and peculiar world of coding a simpler topic to learn. It offers “a better, more interactive way to learn how to program.” Thanks to Codeacademy creators Ryan Bubinski and Zach Sims, learning to code is now more accessible -and fun- than ever.

The lesson framework in Codeacademy is a step by step process that ensures high retention rates and increases your chances of learning while having fun! Although these lessons are quite basic they meant the world to me, a common Java illiterate! And look, I managed to code an alert message as you can see below.

Start with Codecademy’s eight lesson plan, and then sign up to online courses to maintain and perfect your training. You know, I never thought I’d ever say this but programming is fun!

Get Addicted To – Creative Hot Spots Served Daily

Get Addicted To – A charming daily mix of creative culture, Get Addicted To is a digital hub for inspiring finds and stories in street culture, graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, fashion, film and art.

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Sneakerpedia – Share Your Sneaker Story

Sneakerpedia – Powered by Footlocker, Sneakerpedia is a unique platform for sneaker fans where they can contribute their favorite shoes’ history brief with their own personal story twist. What do your sneakers mean to you? Browse the gallery to find your own pair of sneakers, and if it’s missing, add it. Follow other proud sneakers owners and learn the history behind the classic shoes.

So what does a Sneakerpedia spotlight looks like? See for yourself below with the Air Max 1 example.

Green Lantern – Do You Have What it Takes?

Green Lantern – If you loved the movie with this famous title, you will appreciate this well-designed, challenging Green Lantern capability test. The Got Milk? brand, or more accurately, Got Chocolate Milk? has teamed up with the Green Lantern movie production to create this amazing training hub where you can see if you are Green Lantern worthy. You will be tested for your strength, agility, and focus, all which can supposedly be enhanced by drinking chocolate milk. For maximum entertainment, choose the webcam track.

The tests are broken down to a number of physical abilities, and your eye-hand motor skills will be taken to the limit such as in the tetris-like game that’s more challenging than you think, among other exciting tests. This interactive website is entertainment at its best! I used the keyboard-based feature but I suggest you pick the webcam approach.

BioGems – Match Stones to Fight the Demons

BioGems – In this highly addictive game you must gain energy and rage levels, and boost your defense power against your enemies. To do that you need to win your way in this stone-matching game. Match three or four stones of the same kind in a row to score big and win the duel each time! For more cool and can’t-get-enough games, visit our I ♥ GAMES page.

Weekly App: Photovine – Making Photo Conversation

Photovine – This social app by Google is a community of iOS users centered around photos shared with the world. Each photo starts a “Vine” -a thread of conversations users can add their own photos to and comment on.

Photovine is a well thought out application, and being an active member of the Photovine community depends on your compliance to the app’s guidelines. For that reason, photos submitted via Photovine should be original, meaning pics you took yourself while on the beach, at a party or other interesting, meaningful place. And no, nude pics are not OK and will be removed.

With Photovine you can follow Vines and interesting people through their photos. Interact with and contribute to the community and explore the cherished moments of many people worldwide. To learn more about Photovine, see the video below.

Sophia – Pushing Education to the Next Level

Sophia – Classrooms in the Web 2.0 era have radically changed and now, not only does technology serve as a didactic aid, but also high connectivity and information accessibility of the digital age make traditional teaching and learning methods virtually obsolete. Sophia is a godsend resource for both teachers and learners seeking not only to spice up conventional education, but also to enhance educational success of each and every learner.

As the site’s About Us explains, “Sophia is a social teaching and learning platform that taps the teacher in all of us and enhances the learning process by providing access to a wealth of knowledge, help, instruction, standards-aligned content, and expertise available to learners everywhere.” Find teaching aids and learning material in an abundance of fields, from applied sciences and mathematics to humanities, English and literature and visual arts, just to name a few.

To give you an example, here’s the learning packet (highly rated of course) in biology, explaining the topic of enzymes. – Friends-Based Q & A – Don’t let the simple design of this site fool you. is a useful tool that helps people find out more about each other through sharing interesting & personal responses. Direct Q & A is the key concept of and results can be both surprising and insightful. Use this tool to find out more about the university or college you applied to, maybe even a restaurant you thought about trying, or a company you would like to work at.