Springwise – Keeping Up to Date with Business Innovation

Springwise – Springwise scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts that are ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.

Springwise headquarters is in close contact with more than 15,000 Springspotters in over 150 countries worldwide, who provide them with details of the latest innovations in their countries. These are compiled and assessed by the editorial team, and the best examples are published to provide entrepreneurial inspiration to our readers around the world!

Demotix – Help Tell News Stories with Your Photos

Demotix – Demotix is the award-winning newswire where YOU tell the stories. We put photos and video from ordinary people and freelance photographers into the international news media.

Got photos the world needs to see? Upload them to Demotix and they will push them out to their hundreds of buyers. Earn money for your photos and network with photographers and clients.

Storytree – Capturing and Sharing Family Moments

Storytree – Family stories form an important part of a person’s identity – stories about love, friendship, childhood dreams, hardships, triumphs, and the ongoing journey that is life. Too often these stories remain unshared and are forgotten before they can be recorded.

The StoryTree team is dedicated to help you preserve your precious family memories and share them with the ones you love. As time passes, your captured stories come to represent a bond across generations and become invaluable to your family’s collective identity. Your family history has finally found a place to reside. To find some inspirations check out the Storytelling tips.

Verbling – Learn New Languages via Video Calls

Verbling – Make use of live one on one video calls to learn new languages with the help of native speakers, and teach others your own language. Instantly connect with native speakers worldwide using your webcam!

Veetle – Broadcast Your Own Channel and Tune Into Others

Veetle – Veetle provides the next generation live broadcasting platform that can deliver extremely cost-effective streams at a massive scale with unprecedented quality. This unique platform therefore enables content owners, broadcasters and websites to reach millions of concurrent viewers with the highest fidelity content possible, at little or no additional cost. Our Beta website is already attracting millions of visitors per month.

Before diving into broadcasting your own channel, start with this Broadcasting 101 brief.

StyleCaster – A Great Resource for Just Us Girls

StyleCaster – StyleCaster is a leading platform that creates and curates the best content from across women’s lifestyle into a comprehensive style experience. They are committed to bringing you the most innovative experience that streamlines the process of style discovery by combining premium content, discussion through an engaged community and the seamless ability to purchase through e-commerce into one exciting platform.

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Thankuz – Create and Send Thank You Notes

Thankuz – This free service makes it simple and fun to create and send thank you letters to whoever you wish. Choose a template, customize the text and appearance to your liking and make it your own. Saying Thank You means a lot – much more than you think. Thankuz makes it super easy and fast.

If We Don’t, Remember Me – Living Moments from Classic Movies

If We Don’t, Remember Me – This unique Tumblr blog offers motion images (movie GIFs) taken from famous classic films. What I love about these moving images is that they never cease to surprise and intrigue. Here are a few examples:

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

Napoleon Dynamite (2004)

Bla Bla – More Than Just Words

Bla Bla – Vincent Morisset’s Bla Bla is an interactive tale that explores the fundamental principles of human communication. The viewer makes the story possible: without him or her, the characters remain inert, waiting for the next interaction. The spectator clicks, plays and searches through the simple, uncluttered scenes, truly driving the experience. Bla Bla is produced by the National Film Board of Canada, and designed & developed by AATOAA.

Wonderputt – Mini Golf Dreamland

Wonderputt – Adventure golf… but with cows, toads, ski slopes, torpedoes and a sprinkle of alien abduction for good measure. To play, use simple mouse control to aim and click to putt the ball into the hole. This game is brought to us by Damp Gnat. For more exciting games visit our I ♥ GAMES page.

Weekly App: TuneTug – Let Everyone Be the DJ at Your Party

TuneTug – TuneTug is a new service that lets everyone be the DJ at parties and events. TuneTug allows your guests to ‘Tug’ up and down songs with their mobile phone that they want to hear. To set up TuneTug you need an internet connected iPhone, iPod or iPad – WiFi is suggested but not required.

Users on most any type of mobile device can vote and see the playlist live. TuneTug Voting has been tested on recent smartphone devices including: iPhone, Android and Blackberry.

To learn more about TuneTug and how to make the most of it, see the video below.

HardlyWork – The Facebook Camouflage Your Boss Will Love (and Won’t See)

HardlyWork – The name couldn’t have been a more appropriate choice of words. HardlyWork offers all the perks of checking in on your Facebook friends -on Facebook- but with the false appearance of a 100% work oriented spreadsheet. Simply sign in via Facebook log in button and see the magic happen before your eyes – away from your bosses’. Here’s what the Facebook spreadsheet looks like:

As you can see, the Excel formula bar is actually where you search for friends names. Hovering your mouse above likes and comments shows you their content and the person who made them and, if you need to log out, simply hit the X sign you usually click to close windows. It’s so simple and cunning we should expect an overwhelming expansion of hard working spreadsheet employees all over the country in no time…