Anyclip – Search for Any Moment From Any Movie

Anyclip – I can’t even remember the number of times I searched the Web for a certain moment in a film I’ve seen, in an effort to recapture that memorable script line or background song. It’s not impossible to do, but let’s face it, it’s not easy and you’d have to dedicate much time and effort to find exactly that particular moment in the film. Anyclip is here to make our lives much easier, offering high quality clips that play back smoothly. Above all, Anyclip allows you to search for any moment in the film.

Anyclip is not just another scene finder -you can use YouTube for that even though you will have rather limited scene selection. Anyclip also offers music identification for that specific moment in the movie you’re after, in addition to the clothes brands characters wore at that moment. These two features alone make Anyclip absolutely amazing in my opinion. In addition, the platform labels every conversation in its movie database to make it simple for you to find lines you found inspiring, even if these aren’t the signature quotes everyone else associates with the film.

Search for your favorite movie moment by providing the title, names of actors or the film’s director. And now, please give a big round of applause to my favorite moment in The Big Lebowski (directed by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen 1998), of the bowler Jesus. I apologize for not embedding the video right here – Anyclip had some issues with their embed option for this particular segment.

Singer22 – Buy Celebrities’ Outfits at Normal Prices!

Singer22 – Claiming to be the headquarters for the latest in fashion on Long Island’s North Shore, Singer22 is a powerful retailer store that offers top fashion brands along lesser known yet celebrity-worn clothes. And I’m pretty sure their customer audience has long expanded from Long Island to the entire country.

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Foodzie – Buy & Sell Artisan Foods, and Eat Well

Foodzie – We keep hearing how supporting our local economy -local businesses- is a beneficial way to minimize global warming and to help small businesses rid of the hardships of globalization. I’m a firm believer in buying produce at your nearest farmers market rather than at corporate chain store supermarkets. Foodzie is yet another small business supporter, connecting you with numerous small scale food producers and growers.

At Foodzie you can find cool gifts any foody will love, but it’s also the perfect place for you to sell your artisan food as well. It’s “an online marketplace where you can discover and buy food directly from small passionate food producers and growers.” Search for food goodies by category, gift, region or brand. I think I just found the perfect gift for my father’s B-Day: The Bourbon Sauce Trifecta Gift Set, a perfect match for my BBQ-obsessed dad!

Uproxx – Culture and Entertainment News and Opinion

Uproxx – Your first visit to Uproxx might be confusing. It took me a while to get the gist of this entertainment site. Essentially, Uproxx is the venue of cultural and entertainment news, or, as the site explains, “from exclusive entertainment news to original sports satire, UPROXX covers the biggest names and events in pop culture with humor and insight.”

Uproxx works in collaboration with other media venues such as Gamesqaud to cover news on gaming and technology, and Filmdrunk, to cover film news, among others. This website might come across as too fresh to some, but entertainment -real entertainment- has to get down and dirty sometimes, right? Here’s an interesting news update I found on Uproxx, A-List Time Travel: Celebrities Re-Imagines in Different Eras.

Hooked on Houses – Showing Houses’ Personalities

Hooked on Houses – Julia is a freelance writer who loves houses. Not because of their design or architectural structure, but because she believes each has its own personality. Hooked on Houses is Julia’s spot for writing about houses she loves as a form of entertainment – something we rarely consider when looking at buildings.

Hooked on Houses has no real estate agenda per se, but Julia will throw in posts on home decor or house sale tips every now and then. Above all, Hooked on Houses is about appreciating and sharing photos of unique and interesting houses. Here are two examples.

Houses as Art: The Heidelberg Project in Detroit

A Hamptons-Style Home on Bainbridge Island

Pictory – Unique and Thought-Provoking Collective Photo Essays

Pictory – Editor, designer and founder of Pictory Laura Brunow invites you to “submit one large, captioned image to each of Pictory’s editorial themes.” The end result is stunning, collective photo essays where each photo (only grade A images are included) originates from a different person of a different country and culture, yet all images work together in harmony. Pictory is a well-designed and edited photo story-telling venue that is refreshing. Most photo essays online offer a variety of photos from the same photographer. Pictory is different, unique and engaging, and it’s rather easy to participate in.

To explore the essence of Pictory, start with Eat at Your Own Risk. Amazing stories told by submitted photos.

One Life – Get Ready for BBC Earth’s Best Film Ever

One Life – Aside from being one the world’s leading news providers, BBC is also well known for its natural world and wildlife series and films. One Life is yet another beautifully shot film about planet Earth and its rich diversity of organisms and ecosystems. Brought to us by BBC Earth, the One Life website is the brilliant introductory venue for the soon-to-be-out film.

The breathtaking trailer you will find here is not the usual play and watch video. While watching, you can use your mouse to pause the video and transition to the behind the scenes section (showing videos of the film’s production crew, each telling their inside story about making the film and the animals shown in it). When you’re done, simply drag your mouse upwards and the trailer will play where it left off. This is a mesmerizing experience, and I’m anxious to see the One Life film once it’s out. BBC Earth always delivers top-notch, mind-blowing films with rare shots and unbelievable close ups.

Papa’s Freezeria – (Milk)Shake It!

Papa’s Freezeria – If you liked Papa’s Pizzeria and other cook & serve games you will love this one. Your job is to serve sweet-toothed customers ordering milkshakes with different ingredients and toppings. You need to prepare each order exactly as the customer wants it or you will be short on tips… For more addicting games visit our I ♥ GAMES page.

Weekly App: Zapd – Create Your Own Website Using Your iPhone

Zapd – This wonderful app offers an amazing free service. Create your very own website using Zapd’s system of templates and styles, add your mobile pics and voila, you are now the proud owner of a website. Zapd allows you to do all this on your iPhone, and the entire process from start to finish is fast, simple and fun.

Each website or “Zap” you create is automatically adapted to the device you used to make it, which means Zaps can be done via your iPhone, PC or tablet. And you can create as many Zaps as you wish, which is a great tool to use for simply sharing your interests and experiences, but also for special events such as birthdays, party invites, weddings and many more. Want to see some examples? Check out recent Zaps users have created.

To be honest, I’m surprised Zapd offers their sweet bundle of site creation for free. In other words, you’d better get this app now and start expressing yourself online! To learn more on how to use Zapd, see this intro video.

Quirky – Socially-Enabled Invention Platform

Quirky – Now these guys mean business. Quirky offers a mighty innovative platform where anyone from the global online community can pitch an idea for a practical, life-ameliorating invention, or a radical improvement of an existing product. Quirky handles the actual product development and marketing aspects, which pushes forward amazing ideas and makes them a solid, retailer-sold reality.

Quirky’s framework is so brilliant, they produce a new product every few days, and users are invited to take an active part in products’ development. Depending on their level of participation, contributing community members earn hard cash from the products’ sales in stores. Here’s more on how Quirky works.

My favorite part of Quirky? The Shop. It’s where you can buy many of Quirky’s manufactured products that make life so much easier, induced by people like you and me who shared their great idea. That’s where I found these two amazing products. The first is Weigh To Go, a multi-functional travel accessory whose compact form packs a digital scale, identification tag, and built-in lock to prevent theft. Available for presale ($33).

The second cool gadget I’d like to share is called Splash Stacks, a cushioned mat set that is easy on your knees when bathing a baby or a pet in the tub. Instead of kneeling on hard bathroom floor tiles Splash Stacks is the perfect alternative ($39.99). This product is in production.

BookDaily – Book Discovery Made Easy

BookDaily – Where do you go to learn about new interesting  books? NY Times’ bestsellers list? That’s a good start. But there’s now an even better way to tap into book discovery via BookDaily.

BookDaily lets you find great reads by giving you access to the entire first chapter of each featured book (over 80,000 titles!) via email. The obvious added value is that you can actually ‘taste’ the book before deciding to buy it. Sign up to start exploring the books on 1st chapter-basis, and get regular updates on your preferred genres and publishers. The BookDaily platform also offers book reviews by other readers like you, and weekly columns from credible sources.

When it comes to books, I’m more of a sci-fi fan, and I gave BookDaily a try to see if they have my personal must read for August, Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card. Sure enough, I found it and was immediately offered to read the first chapter. Why, thank you very much!

Redux – Curating and Sharing Entertaining Content on the Web

Redux – It seems everybody’s talking about content curation these days, and many see this as the next level of social interactions online. What it means in simpler terms is that users worldwide share things they’ve discovered on the Web in various venues, in addition to the conventional social networks and blogs. Redux is yet another content curation hub where everyone’s invited to share entertainment finds in the form of photos, music, videos and websites.

Here’s a video I found on Redux that is particularly enchanting. Think of it as your daily chill pill.