Green Lantern – Do You Have What it Takes?

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 by

Green Lantern – If you loved the movie with this famous title, you will appreciate this well-designed, challenging Green Lantern capability test. The Got Milk? brand, or more accurately, Got Chocolate Milk? has teamed up with the Green Lantern movie production to create this amazing training hub where you can see if you are Green Lantern worthy. You will be tested for your strength, agility, and focus, all which can supposedly be enhanced by drinking chocolate milk. For maximum entertainment, choose the webcam track.

The tests are broken down to a number of physical abilities, and your eye-hand motor skills will be taken to the limit such as in the tetris-like game that’s more challenging than you think, among other exciting tests. This interactive website is entertainment at its best! I used the keyboard-based feature but I suggest you pick the webcam approach.

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