Weekly App: Photovine – Making Photo Conversation

Posted on Monday, August 22nd, 2011 by

Photovine – This social app by Google is a community of iOS users centered around photos shared with the world. Each photo starts a “Vine” -a thread of conversations users can add their own photos to and comment on.

Photovine is a well thought out application, and being an active member of the Photovine community depends on your compliance to the app’s guidelines. For that reason, photos submitted via Photovine should be original, meaning pics you took yourself while on the beach, at a party or other interesting, meaningful place. And no, nude pics are not OK and will be removed.

With Photovine you can follow Vines and interesting people through their photos. Interact with and contribute to the community and explore the cherished moments of many people worldwide. To learn more about Photovine, see the video below.

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