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Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 by

ChickRx – Up until now, I would go to several sources for information on the different aspects of my life as a woman: I would visit WebMD or MayoClinic for gynecology, psychology and relationship blogs for mental balance and relationships, and various nutrition and fitness sites to keep fit.

Now, thanks to ChickRx, I can get all the info I’ve described above in one easy and fun to visit site. ChickRx offers solid articles and posts on gynecology and sex, fitness and nutrition, emotional health and relationships, dermatology, and general health. In addition, the site has other perks such as Heads Up (interesting facts and studies) and Chicks’ Picks, among others. One of the articles I enjoyed reading is Cool Guy Syndrome. For more women oriented resources online, be sure to visit our Women mini page.

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