Wetpaint – Web 2.0 Entertainment Content at its Best

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 by

Wetpaint – Simply identified as a “custom-tailored [entertainment platform] for young women who love TV and fashion,” Wetpaint is first and foremost a content specialist web publisher that has put its foot down and decided to offer its first “property” in the entertainment content area, hence this superb Weekly Fave spot.

Since Wetpaint specializes in online content, I won’t be surprised if this particular entertainment venue will make you wish Wetpaint had covered other interest areas as well. With the intent of offering top and engaging content while inviting users to interact with each other, Wetpaint is exceptional; you’ll understand why the way you consume content on this site is remarkable compared to what’s already out there.

Browse the entertainment categories (TV shows, fashion, gossip, spoilers, photos, videos, TV stars) and enjoy well-written and edited, interesting articles, posts as well as videos and photos. In short, Wetpaint is most definitely a keeper. See Wetpaint’s Grey’s Anatomy page to learn more.

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