Scouting NY – Film Location Scouter’s Inside Look

Posted on Monday, September 20th, 2010 by

Scouting New York – The Scout (who wishes to remain anonymous) works as a film location scouter in the Big Apple, and if you read the blog’s About page, you’ll learn he or she has seen it all; basements and subway tunnels, luxury penthouses and former factories turned into residential apartments in Brooklyn.

This scouting job niche is very intriguing, and we’re lucky the Scout has decided to share his (or her) unusual findings with us. New York is not just a concrete jungle; it’s filled with gems if you know where to look. Thanks, Scout for sharing. And if you’re living in NY and have an interesting property you’d like to offer as a film shoot location, email the Scout:

By the way, Scouting New York is the Weekly Blog that scored the most clicks, so that’s how it made it to last week’s Weekly Faves spot. Congrats Scout! Below are some pictures of the Weird Little House on Lafayette Street.

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