Zomato: Never Have A Bad Meal

Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 by

zomato1Discover over a million restaurants around the world with Zomato.

The New And Improved Urbanspoon

zomato4Urbanspoon was one of the most popular restaurant recommendation apps and services when it launched about ten years ago. The site has since undergone a redesign and rebranding as Zomato. The core of Zomato’s service is still the same — the site lets you discover, browse and search for restaurant ratings and reviews around the world. It’s similar to Yelp, but it has a bit of a different vibe and a much higher quality standard. While Yelp users can review hair stylists, health services, shopping or any other type of business, Zomato focuses on food and restaurants. That’s typically the main reason people use Yelp, but it’s nice to have an alternative that’s entirely focused on that topic.


Dine Around The World

zomato5Zomato is also useful for its global reach. You can view information about restaurants in the U.S., UK, UAE, and tons of other countries and cities around the world. The site also helps both restaurants and customers improve their dining experience, offering services like online ordering, cashless payments and table reservations. The emphasis is still on the reviews, and anyone can sign up and start writing. You can also follow other users, leave comments on reviews, upload pictures of food, and engage in all of the site’s social networking features. To find the right food, you can filter by specific preferences, search for whatever sounds good in your local area, or browse Zomato’s topic-based food collections. If you’re hungry but can’t decide what to eat, check out Zomato.


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