Mixtapr: A Spotify Playlist Generator

Posted on Thursday, September 24th, 2015 by

mixtapr1Mixtapr is a Spotify playlist generator inspired by the movie High Fidelity.

Make An Old-School Mixtape

mixtapr2High Fidelity is an essential film for any music lover. The 2000 John Cusack movie tells the story of a Chicago record store owner and his struggles with romantic relationships. One of the keys to his romantic endeavors involves making mixtapes. Although the rise of digital streaming services has made mixtape creation a lost art, Mixtapr brings back some of the old-school magic. The site lets you create mixtapes the old fashioned way. Rather than being able to just drag as many songs onto a playlist that you might never listen to, Mixtapr forces you to listen to at least 30 seconds of each track.

Be Like John Cusack

mixtapr3Listening to 30 seconds of each track on Mixtapr is supposed to simulate the experience of “recording” songs to your mixtape. It’s not quite as difficult as actually recording onto a tape, but removing the convenience of instant Spotify playlist creation adds an extra element to the process. After logging into your Spotify account, the site lets you easily search for tracks and add them to your playlist. The song names are inscribed on a virtual notebook, and you can record the tracks to your tape whenever you want. You get two sides of tape with six songs each.¬†Mixtapr really makes you think about what songs you want to include on a playlist, who you want to make it for, and whether you really want to listen to the song. Any music lover, Spotify user or High Fidelity fan should create a mixtape using the site.


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