Worldpackers: Trade Skills For Accommodation

Posted on Wednesday, June 3rd, 2015 by

worldpackers5Worldpackers helps you find unique places where you can exchange your skills for accommodation.

Stay For Free

worldpackers1It’s becoming easier to find unique, free or affordable places to stay while traveling. Sites like Airbnb allow you to rent directly from someone’s home instead of a hotel, and sites like Couchsurfing connect you with other people without having to pay anything at all. Worldpackers is somewhat of a mix of those two — the site helps you find places where you can stay for free, although you have to pay with the currency of offering your host a new skill. The guidelines for what that means are fairly loose, although Worldpackers clearly wants to create a community in which travelers and hosts are learning from each other, sharing experiences, and learning new things together along the way.


Volunteer Your Skills

worldpackers2There are Worldpackers hosts available in locations all over the world. Whether you’re visiting Budapest, Hungary, Goa, India or anywhere else your travels may take you, there’s a chance that a Worldpackers host already exists. Many of the hosts are also at hostels — so there’s a level of security and convenience above that of Airbnb or Couchsurfing. Others are just regular people offering a space in their home. Each host lists the help that they need (typically cleaning, cooking, party promotion or some other skill) as well as the dates in which that help is needed. There’s also a minimum required amount that you stay, as well as a maximum amount that you’re allowed to stay. You can apply via the site, wait for a response, and then let your adventure begin.


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