Earn To Die 2: Exodus

Earn To Die 2: Exodus is the second installment in the zombie action series.


Run Over Zombies!

Earn To Die 2: Exodus begins with a short backstory explaining the context of the game. There’s a zombie outbreak with a limited amount of survivors. A military base in Florida has one of the last evacuation points, and the main character needs to get there as quickly as possible. Thus begins multiple days of driving through the apocalypse, running over as many zombies as possible before you run out of fuel. The game is similar to mobile apps like Tiny Wings or Alto’s Adventure in that you go on multiple short runs, earning upgrades each time you advance a little farther. Earn To Die 2: Exodus is also available as a mobile app. Running over zombies, traveling a long distance or going quickly earns you cash, which you can use to upgrade your vehicle with weapons or fuel boosts. Once you reach a certain checkpoint, you start the whole process over with a new vehicle. It’s an incredibly fun, addicting game that you should check out in any of its formats — especially this online flash one.

Will Hagle:

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