Wineist: Discover The World Of Wine

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015 by

wineistnewWineist is a subscription service that delivers a box of wine samples on a monthly basis.

Expand Your Palette

wineist4Wineist is a subscription box service designed for wine drinkers that want to expand their taste, palette and wine knowledge. Like most subscription services of its kind, Winest delivers a different box of wine to subscribers’ homes each month. Each box includes six different 50ml or 100ml bottles of wine, typically focused around a certain theme. Wineist doesn’t send full bottles of wine, instead focusing on small, sample-size bottles in order to replicate the wine-tasting experience. Each bottle is big enough to share, but subscribers should expect to engage in a more sophisticated tasting experience rather than a heavy drinking night when the box arrives.


Sample New Wine Every Month

wineist3Because Wineist sends smaller sample bottles, it also includes a guided tasting instruction kit, as well as other notes about the wine. It encourages users to conduct their own blind taste test of each bottle, learning more about wine tasting in the process. Unlike other subscription services, Wineist also clearly displays which wines will be included in the box on any given month. All of the bottles are typically sourced from the same country or region, and the box includes information about how and where the wine was made. It’s up to subscribers to decide whether they want to opt in for month’s box. At 18.99 € per month plus shipping for a 2 months subscription or 13.99 € for a six month subscription, Wineist is also relatively affordable.


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