Steller: Tell Your Story

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015 by

steller5Steller is an app allowing users to create stories using a combination of photos, videos and text.

Tell Any Type Of Story

steller4Steller is a mobile storytelling platform. It allows users to upload any combination of photos and videos before adding text to create a narrative project. The concept of “storytelling” is fairly open-ended, and Steller’s users take it in a variety of directions. There are profiles of interesting people — such as Alex Honnold, who’s managed to live his life out of a Ford E150 van. His story is a great example of a unique way to combine images and text to tell a story. There are also recipes, city guides, or more personal stories about whatever’s interesting to the user that posted it. Although Steller is currently only available as a mobile app on the iOS app store, it also offers the ability to create or browse stories on the web.

Browse On Mobile Or The Web

steller3Steller offers a variety of options for first-time users to sign up. You can sync your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or email to create an account. The app also lets users browse as a guest — a feature which should be more commonly implemented across mobile apps. The publishing platform is intuitive and easy to use, as you simply need to upload images or videos from your mobile device and add text as you see fit. steller1Browsing the stories is a similarly easy experience, as you swipe left and right to flip between the pages. Each Steller creation is like a mini pamphlet or book, and it’s great to see the inventive ways in which its users have embraced the platform. It’s different than any other social sharing or publishing website, making it completely worth a (free) download.

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