Find Shows That Suit Your Taste

Posted on Monday, March 30th, 2015 by is a social discovery platform helping users find the concerts and live music that best fits their personal taste.

The Best Way to Find Concerts That Interest You

concertwithme4In any given city on any given night, there is tons of live music taking place. If you follow your favorite artists on Twitter or keep track of their touring schedules, you can find out when they’re playing a show nearby. Keeping track of all that information can be a daunting task, and it’s easy to miss out on a show you might’ve otherwise enjoyed. makes it easier to find all of the shows that fit your taste, along with the friends that share your interest in the same music. The site has users import their music taste from Facebook or Deezer, and it uses that information to search hundreds of websites to find the best deals on tickets to shows you’ll like in your area.


Connect With Friends That Share Your Taste In Music

concertwithme1If you don’t connect your social media profile to, you can also search directly for artists, cities, concerts or festivals. The site offers a service essentially similar to Songkick, the most popular site in this space. But goes a step further with features like allowing users to find gigs based on their location and general music interest. A search like “I’m in Amsterdam and want recommended rock and ska concerts and festivals in March” will return a list of results. Bands, artists and festivals all have profiles on the site, allowing users to stream songs and live sets while combing through tour dates and tickets. The social aspects of make it a great site not only for finding out about upcoming shows featuring artists you like, but for discovering new music with the help of your friends, as well.


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